AC Engineering is an engineering company, part of Betacode group, specialized in cooking appliances.
It is based on the experience of Amati Carlo (founder and owner of the AC) in the design of cookers and uses the most modern technologies (both in designing using 3D CAD, in testing and simulation) to guarantee to own customers the maximum result in terminus of final quality of the products and to comply with the to actual norms.

AC can also realize searches in the market of the components, can take care of start of a new products, can create from zero a factory taking care of it in all its parts.

AC can supply to its customers:
- complete projects of gas and electric cooking appliances (barbecues, frytop, cookers, ovens...)
- technologies to the realization than above
- searches of components
- designing components
- acquisition and sale of patents
- adjust to the actual norms design yet used
- modification of design
- creation of new aesthetic and functional solutions
- combustion tests provided with the new laboratory
- cooker temperature tests provided with the new laboratory

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