About us

The AC story is really the story of Carlo Amati: he started working in the field of home appliances in the fifties, in the "Fratelli Onofri" and reached the position of head of the design department.
He worked as a consultant developing new technologies for the home appliance sector. Among the most important undertakings, was designing an entire plant for production of cookers in Ecuador, where Carlo Amati designed the layout of plant as well as the end product, and stayed to supervise the production as it got under way.

The AC company grew out of that experience: it started providing consultation to a number of firms involved in the production of components for cookers. Later, however, the company went back to its earlier function as suppliers of high level know-how to producers of both cookers and components. It developed new cooker models and collaborated in the development of innovative gas burners.

AC aims to become an example for the large appliance industries, with its flexibility and capacity to create new technologies that it places at the disposal of its clients.

Investing in the highest technology to ensure the maximum quality of its products in the design and in the test phase too, availing itself of an hi-tech laboratory; AC invest a lot of resources in research and development of innovation products: numberless of patents recompensed the AC's constant care for innovation. AC has not a rigid structure and it can adapt to the clients needs: designing a full scale plant, helping the client to equip it with the most appropriate machinery, drawing up a report evaluating an existing project, helping a company to certify its production guiding it through the requirements, attending, for example, just the design of a product or following a complete project cycle, from ideas to the end product.