From shape to project

AC realizes all its projects in hi-tech 3D CAD, allowing, therefore, to reduce drastically the time to market and, in the same time, to make higher the quality of the end product: through assembly verifications, finite elements analysis, exploded drawings and subassemblies, AC supplies high intrinsic value projects that allow money savings in any production phase.

From project to product


AC follows the client in each phase of the birth of the product: AC realizes appraisal studies for the restyling of old plants or for the creation of new productive structures or reorganize the productive plant lay-out or, starting from zero, create new productive plants.

AC can also help customers in developing special machines.

Products developed:
- freestanding cookers --> see more
- built-in ovens
- hobs / cooktops
- frytop
- industrial ovens
- barbecues / bbq -> see more