Cooking laboratory

Gas Lab (EN-30)
- Siemens Ultramat23
- Flowcounte Elster
- Temperature box
- Gas normally available:
. G20- G21-G222-G23-G231
. G25-G25.1
. G30-G31-G32

Electrical lab
- Power consumption Yokogawa WT-210
- Temperature box

During the years AC ripens a big experience in testing products: AC invested in a new conception's laboratory: all the test's phase are controlled by a complex electronic system developed on AC specifications; so in the laboratory we are able to carry out all the tests according to the European rules for household appliances in order to guarantee the appliances' safety and functionality.
Combustion tests, overheating tests or efficiency tests are indicative of the high quality of AC work.
The big AC experience is available to all the clients who want complete tests on their products realizing products' pre-certifications compatibly to the European rules for household appliances